SPESIFIKASI Ducati Multrisada 1200 | Fitur Mobil Sport

SPESIFIKASI Ducati Multrisada 1200 | Fitur Mobil Sport

New Ducati Multistrada Motorcycle Anyar 1200 came to Indonesia with a myriad of features like an expensive sports car.

Because of the features on this bike was tersemat was not much different from the features in luxury sports cars. The most notable similarity is in the Electronic Suspension Ducati features (DES) are applied in this bike.

"With these features, we can Multistrada setting easily," said Store Manager SuperMoto Indonesia, Octavian when met at Ducati showroom in the area of SCBD, Jakarta.

Armed with this feature, the New Multistrada 1200 Ducati riders can choose the setting of this motorcycle with several modes such as sports, touring, urban and ENDURO.

When we set this motor in a sport mode, the suspension of New Ducati Multistrada 1200 will immediately harden. Power produced by these motors will be maximized.

Meanwhile, when fashion and touring Enduro motorcycle automatic suspension will immediately go up and rising. "But if urban shock will automatically turn off when on a highway let us not too tiptoe feet," said Octavian.

That's just one feature only, not to mention other electronic features such as active traction control, antilock braking system (ABS) and electronic control unit which is also pinned on this bike.

"Yes indeed look like a sports car," he added.

Because that's not wrong if the price of this car soon becomes something like the price of a sports car. For to bring the front face of the motor home like this bird ready to strike prospective buyers must be prepared to spend up to USD 525 million.