Custom modifications to handle Ahmad, a resident Tambaksari Kuwarasan Gombong Kebumen. "I do it step-by-step from the minimalist to the present. So indirect bulk. All adjusted for funds, "the light of entrepreneurs who are willing to commute to Aditya Motors Cilacap cultivating process.

Custom context is identical to the nuances of the wide rim gambot alias. In this case used Honda Jazz car wheels 6 inch footed. "Of course dibubut reset to the axle holder," explained Wiwin Yulianto builder, Aditya Motor retainer who apply 140/60-14 tire size.

In fact, sales of Mio skutis able to record high sales through the first half of 2008. "Indent Yamaha currently reaches one month, especially Mio," said Dyonisius. Based on data from Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) in June 2008, scooter sales reached 697,475 units or a total of 22.58 percent of the total market. Of that number, Mio successfully sold over 260,357 units.

"From this skutis sales, the percentage of registered female consumers reached 50 percent. That is, our strategy was correct," said Dyonisius. In addition to supporting the activities of Puteri Indonesia, Yamaha is also going to bring in Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela. Previously, similar activities have been carried out by Yamaha to bring Miss Universe 2007 and 2006.

Meanwhile, associated with business competition in the national motorcycle market, Yamaha plans to increase its production capacity to 3 million units in 2009. He said the additional production capacity will be done in stages until 2010. "It all depends on economic conditions, if good capacity will reach more than 3 million units," he said in Jakarta recently. Currently the company's production capacity has reached 2.4 million units.

This capacity, he said, has increased 600,000 from 1.8 million units a year earlier. "To increase production by 600,000 units, we issued a total of $ 70 million (Rp644 billion), and will be realized this year," he continued. Meanwhile, new product releases YMKI intend to welcome Idul Fitri holidays. However, it is still reluctant to divulge what the product will be released in September.

The more stable, self-installed rear double. Which become more value, Ahmad adopt Bodykit custom scented three dimensional 3D alias. Previously, the front body of the lamp is also crammed with Vario.

Supports the overall performance, the device is also installed IBE (In Bike Entertainment). Installation area is placed on the middle body area. "Not bad for a friend on the trip," Ahmad proudly using GMC is supported DVD and TV Jensen Polivision power. | Ogy

SOK AHEAD:, SOK BACKGROUND: Evolution Damper (2), FRONT TIRE: FDR 90/90-14, BACK TIRE: 140/60-14 Delitire, alloy wheels BACKGROUND: Custom, handlebars: Ninja, modifier: Aditya Motors, ADDRESS: Complex Rajiman Ruko, Jl. Rajiman Cilacap or Ph. (0282) 5227104 or Mobile: 0815 4282 0007.