Suzuki Motor legendary product is very famous in his time, no wonder why Simon, the hero city airbrusher Suzuki Satria this dress as his daily ride.

Let me look younger, installed behind the body's Suzuki Satria model of sharks and shell front property exchanged Suzuki Shogun 110. As a body may not airbrusher let plain, then the color of the body and frame replaced cool add bit color graphics on the body that have been drilled several parts according grip style racing.

behind the "Body orsi remain survive, just scoop the water unit and the shroud and side covers that make me loose semi bald highlight context," said student card penyaku Jl.Panderman 15B Pendem Stone. Enhance your body look, make a hole in the base area around the tube cover.

Supports up to date impression, foot bars of grafting products almu U-Shape, while referring to the couple drum tromol Suzi Shogun Smash and perceived fit with the original construction wheels almu crossbar.

Arable cover, color orsi Satria FU was scraped and stockpiled metallic blue color cast, "hear-hear, much the same lady who Amendment this color," kekeh. Not satisfied there, drum sets' n cover balit sleek chrome cylinder kop.

Style racing style was not complete without a qualified legs, front Tromol cute fitted with front disc flower motif variation, Tromol rear Tromol look beautiful with handmade from iron.

Both circular rim mounted u-shape model supported Comet's knobby tires. "Let the complete racing style, engine service garnis reset wear NSR-SP supported racing exhaust," says Simon. | ADT


Rim: TDR 140/17-140/17, BAN: 60/80/17 50/90/17-Comet Duro, Tromol AHEAD: Trusty, Tromol BACKGROUND: Custom, discs: FU variations, KALIPER: Ori, modifier: Simon Airbrush - Menur Surabaya (031-71989080)