If during this skubek low rider appeared calm, now there are new ones from Bali. Low rider fun because taxable airbrush touch of color "is usually just a scene at the rim or back, if I were to paint also made merry," the owner must Sugiantara ayik this.

Even so, honestly admitted that the body receives only about 30 percent destruction. But it was already full with the nuance of detail. "Because I still want the identity of remains are still visible Mio.'s Why baseball is too much play in fiber," said Unyil, called daily.

Details had been referred to matters such as lamps. "Initially it wearing light for using naked handlebars. So head lamp agreed to select a model like that," continued the man was 24 years.

Efek Nouvo changes had spread to the middle, exactly in the deck. "The whole is made limiting the middle deck," he said curtly.

Making this new fields also provide benefits. Of course when it arises intention airbrush effects on the entire body Mio. "Delimiter deck was of course not immune from the raids graphic motifs. That's what makes even more excited," added the man who do business in this HP.

The vastness of the area to spray paint the body also occurs in the background. Precisely in sepatbor already made so very big. "Models that mimic HD sepatbor often used in foreign countries. big like that of course also to adjust the rim," added the non-brothers Unyil this Usro thick.

Last to give the impression of being sensational and fun, some indicators seem to come under the handlebar mounted. There are six spheres glued seen here. If that was, according to Em-Plus that makes even so excited mistaken, Bro!

About CAR

Some elements or components that are glued on the Mio was actually adopted from the car. It's things like that have adopted the plural modifier. "For proven to remain fit and appropriate when used in skubek theme," said Sugiantara about variations skubek stuck.

For example, for the rim. To the rear of a Honda Jazz wore variations. This rim has a width of 5.5 inches. "Purposely chosen that model let crowded. Rim with a bolt 10 as it was definitely very interesting," said Unyil again.

While at the front using a rim with a radius of 72 total meetings. "If that is not too wide, just 3.5 inches. Taken from Honda Genio spare tire," said motorcycle owners who like to laugh out loud this.

There's more lho who was also taken from four-wheeled variety. Namely, mufflers!


Front tire: 120/70-14 Swallow
Rear tire: 140/60-14 Tire Deli
Front rim: Custom 3x14 inches
Rear rim: Custom 5.5 x 14 inches
Sok back: Jupiter MX 135LC
Exhaust: Custom
Handlebar: Custom