MODIFIKASI Honda GL-Pro 1984

MODIFIKASI Honda GL-Pro 1984

WJS Development (West Central Java Style) not only inspired hang out European streetfighter. Jap style aroma's style also began to be developed. Obviously with a touch of taste and creativity of the builder. One of them Upeng from Cilacap had done that.

Honda GL-Pro his inspiration mixed with Japanese style which he considered perpetual dynamic and simple. "I think this style will always be up to date," go to the home owner modification of the S-16, Cilacap, who was reluctant to mention real names in the ID card. Doi prefers to be called Upeng.

Simple, because it's like this style prefer designs that highlight the framework and tank-style cute Japanese punk. Problem body does not need to bother with pairs of cover varies. "Just cut to the back, because its form in the lower box seats. Replacing them began to make their own upper arm to cradle seat swing that directly connect to the center of backbone," explained a modifier that hung on Jl. Sulawesi, No. 16, Cilacap this.

Creative Upeng also explores in the form of a rim. Builder's own making front-rear rim of the waste that was not used. "I make 5-inch-wide wheels let me look more fat and solid," said Upeng that this calm.


Front tire: 110/70-17 IRC
Rear tire: 170/60-17 Michelin
Exhaust: Supertrapp
Sok back: Satria
Swing-arm: Handmade
Upeng: 0856-4794-8999