MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX
The first impression is a direct view MX Jupie make shocked looks more exotic than the original Jupie MX. "It took about a month to change the face of this body ," said Sunyoto designers dress up from Surabaya.

The first project is a way to marry creative body with fiberglass. For mattress materials, owner of Ghost padepokan Modified appoint an easy night was designed as desired.

Workmanship previous night by the PVA coated poly vinyl alcohol liquid in nature so as not to stick. Kian gallant headlights pointing following Vario fender is designed a la MotoGP.

Armed with paint Blinken logo Fiat Yamaha white and red colors appear compelling. "To varnish wear Blinken so the results are also durable," said Sunyoto who helped change the design joknya.

The legs seem fine after Rochell tread width of a rim attached disok up-side down the front and rear swing arm Banana. "For Tiger's swing believe armnya which swing same arm as the size of the Tiger," said Sunyoto. cand

Rim: Sprint, BAN: Swallow, SOK DPN: up-side down, CIET DPN: Double disc, CIET BLKG: Satria, SWING ARM: variations Tiger, Bodi: custom fiber, modifier: Ghost of modified, Kedung Anyar, Surabaya. TEL 031 72,012,789.