MODIFIKASI Satria Fu 2009

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Satria Fu 2009
Parents had forbidden to modify the motor, but Faruch've already love to death with a motorcycle customizing doi desperate parents violate the ban. "What's important I remain respectful and not brash with parent and I'm not a drug," he argued.

Junior high school students this Sidoarjo offset five outlets will close Budhienk Modified racing style trends. After consultation with the chosen hue modifier, the results look funky racing.

Body appeared compelling after modification flushed Budi padepokan owners with paint galaxy. It seems unimpressed plain varnish also pointed galaxy.
Sector appear attractive legs after sleeve pretentious front, rear and standard motor Footstep washed down by AB CHROME chrome layer Bangil.

By Tage line The ultimate hyper underbone, Suzuki Satria FU 150 comes with a new cowling and headlight design that looks more sporty. Its size is larger than its predecessor, and the light it emits sharper and brighter.

In addition there is also on the design perubhan Speedo meter, is now equipped with the Suzuki Drive Mode Switch (SDMS) system and indicator lights.

SDMS is a feature common to big motor, ie, there are three options for the mode, according to the desired character riders. Normal mode, riding eco mode and power mode.

Muffler is also now look more sporty designs which also adopted the big motors. Equipped with a catalyst, making the exhaust emissions of new Satria is more environmentally friendly. Frame grab guardnya and tail are also new.

The engine uses twin-cam 4-stroke DOHC, 4 valve by using the Suzuki Advanced Cooling System (SACS). The use of this technology to produce excellent power at high rpm, but at the same time environmentally friendly.

Frame made of aluminum with technological applications SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) which makes this framework so strong, lightweight, but still thin.

Not forgetting aseso legs also installed the U-shape rim almu TDR model clad in front of the rear tires Duro. cand

Rim: TDR, BAN: Duro 60/80-17, SOK DPN: chrome, vinyl: Ride It, Tromol DPN: trusty, Tromol BLKG: Variations, CAT: Galaxies, varnish: Galaxies, modifier: Modified Budhienk, Tenggulunan Road, Sidoarjo tel. 085 730 700 001.


Overall Length 1945 mm
Overall Width 652 mm
Overall Height 941 mm
Distance Between Wheels As 1280 mm
Distance to Soil Machine 95 mm
Vehicle Weight 95 kg
Seat Height 764 mm


Type 4-Tak, DOHC, Air Cooled SACS, 4-valve
Number of Cylinders 1 (one)
Cylinder diameter 62 mm
Step Piston 48.8 mm
Cylinder Capacity 147.3 cm3
Compression Ratio 10.2: 1
Rpm Maximum Power 16 Ps/9.500
Torque kgm / rpm 1.27 / 8.500
Carburetors Mikuni BS 26-187
Air Filter Paper Type
Starter System Electric and Feet
Immersion Oil Lubrication System


Manual clutch plate wet type compound
Transmission 6 Acceleration
Directions 1 Go Gear down, 5 Go up
Drive Chains DID 428 DS, 122 eyes


Suspension Front Telescopic, spiral spring, bearing oil
Rear Suspension Arm swing, spiral spring, bearing oil
Steering angle 45o (Right and Left)
Turn Radius m 2
Brakes Front / Rear Brakes Disc / Disc
Front Wheel Size 70/90 - 17 38S
Rear Wheel Size 80/90 - 17 44S


CDI Ignition System
NGK Spark plug DENSO CR8E or U24ESR-N
Accu 12 Volt 2.5 Ah 10 HR
4.9 L Fuel Tank
With oil filter replacement 1.100 ml
Engine Oil 1000 ml