His name is also in pairs, there is the term baseball win victory. Mutual respect, understand and accept input. That may be the spirit that is maintained Hendri Ocean and Yanti Haryanti from Banjar, West Java.

They are not just about love compact. But it is also fun to brainstorm things motor modifications. "We were both like the world of motor modifications, sometimes even up to a long debate," this pair simultaneously.

Let's just raw baseball doang mouth, the debate is realized for 2006 Yamaha V-Ixion's Hendi Ocean. His name was the result of conversations from two different brain, must differ also with the desire of each.

Lucky Hendi was good friends with Jeni Ramdhani, master tse gape Motors about the modification. "Hendi penginya made replica BMW 1000 RR, was the wife Yanti want besutan Honda CBR1000 RR," said Jeni Ramdhani Banjar's original residents.

Rather complicated indeed. BMW has a bit body design with a stylish mix of sport touring. While the design CBR is clearly more severe in the form of sports. Need a more simple style.

4507vixion-uung-3.jpgJeni ciamik solutions by combining the two concepts fit them into the composition. Fair deh, baseball became a fight. Builder's trying to divide the collaboration between BMW and Honda CBR1000 RR 1000RR evenly split on the V-Ixion besutan Hendi. "Both felt tastenya. Let me equally satisfied," he explained.

Look at the design model of the double seat sitter. It would be directly imagined, inspired shape seat Honda CBR1000 RR. Meanwhile, for the gas tank, swing arm, Hornet and sepatbor front, BMW 100RR clear taste is very strong there.

One factor is the difficulty for Jeni on tank design. Furthermore, the original gasoline doi wasah do not want to change. But not if Nurfilenggak there Jeni sense. Tank design made of condoms. In addition to maintaining the original tank, condoms are also simplify the process of standardization and maintenance. Just posted
and can be removed at any time.

The process is quite complicated. Because it should be divided into four parts, namely the right and left side. Then cradle made in the bottom of the tank. "To keep the original tank was not damaged," said Jeni's original urang Banjar.

Then the bottom left and right side together with the battery lid. "The most important thing before the installation of condom this tank is the original tank with insulation coating on all parts of the meeting," added Jo who was also assisted by Kang Ade as peracik fiber.

There are unique things made by Ade kang in the process of fiber. Doi make the media take advantage of the design with clay. Ade's try to apply the many ways in which the motor of European designers. Such a way that he thinks have the advantage. In addition to the work easier also love optimal results. Ade had additional reasons. "Soil texture is very elastic and easy to be shaped like anything else. Thus, the desired design can be corrected in a quick and easy awaktu formed again," said Kang Ade.

But of course, the design process should be as neat as possible. Rely on creativity qualified hands, to shape it up neatly.

In order for the separation of the fiberglass is easy to do, the clay should be coated paslin or grease lubrication. Fiber release process should be opened when the fiber is dry approximately 80%. "In principle, the release process will be easy to do when fiber baseball is too dry," he added.


Front tire: 110/70-17 Bridgestone
Rear tire: 130/70-17 Bridgestone
Airs next: Yoshimura
Sok back: Custom
Rim: Rochell
Headlights: Jupiter
Taillights: Variations
Exhaust: R 9