MODIFIKASI Suzuki Spin 125 2007

since 175 cc class the opening tune-up race open in skubek addition participating Yamaha rare fight lho. Eit, but it first! Now there ya, Suzuki Spin 125 races Heru Susanto. Although it does not taste the podium, but the early buzz Spin F-38's team was allowed thumbs up!

"Count-count try to apply the settings that I can. It is enough to meet the original target, "said Thomas Agnistra, owner of F-38 workshops based on Jl. H. Saili Raya, Blok F, No.. 38, Kemanggisan, West Jakarta. Wow, so know dong where the team name. He .. he ... he .. 4500spin-boyo3.jpg

Gas again! To meet regulatory capacity of 175 cc class, up stroke and bore up done. Piston wear a Suzuki Satria F0150 diameter 62 mm. Because the piston has a pen FU 16 mm piston, piston handlebars also changes in the crutch-as applied.

"Rather than play the bushing, more select replace the crutch-axles and handlebars of the piston. Find safety," reasons the man who had plunged the world this race since 1983. So, crutch-as Suzuki's application of AN-150 or familiarly known Suzuki Brugman 150. do not let it alone, crutch-as well as handlebars piston accompanied Satria F-150. Then, big-end is shifted up to now be 57.7 mm stroke from the previous 55.2 mm. Now, the capacity of a 174 cc.

4499spin-boyo2.jpgTemani-up bore and stroke, cylinder heads replaced SkyDrive Suzuki's 125. The goal is that cooler heads with the fins. Strangely, unlike other mechanical settings are done. Typically, the head dipapas create compression Rev. By Agnistra, head dipapas not.

"I choose to increase the compression by the piston dome. Dome pistons made 1.5 mm from the lip of the piston," beber a man 42 years old who still likes touring skubek bore wear this up. Change this, so make the compression ratio 10.6: 1. Hmmm. .., numbers too low for racing racing huh?

Begitunya suction valve exhaust valves 27 mm and 23 mm from the Honda Sonic, reset-lid opening time. Length noken-suction valve contrived as to be 263 º. Who's dump valve, 264 º. Wow, how created ex valve duration longer huh? "Ever try the same duration or less contrived, in fact it is not the way round," surprised the man as he is familiarly called Anis said the elevator again made a 9-mm.

SHRIMP exhaust

This is what makes the difference! If during this direction matic made racing exhaust neck down, but in the race Heru opposite. Direction of exhaust neck made up tuh play. Underbone exhaust kinds of shrimp in first or second-no muffler SE (Special Engine) two steps. But surely there are special reasons.

"Problems can exhaust matic input from the community in the UK or the UK. Because the crutch-as Suzuki AN-150 heavy, to pursue a wide powerband then made like this, "said Anis. These conditions, make the neck is above the fan magnet. Solid, obtained from the spec, the exhaust is made in Jakarta.


Tires: Indotire R
Roller: 8 grams
Sok back: Kitaco 16-click