Tomy brilliant idea Begawan Rungkut Toms Art in the region took off Hope, Surabaya to refresh the concept began to be realized MODIF MX. Tomy now trying to blow away with the concept of landing MODIF MX Yamaha R1, so progress should seriously alter dilakoni fiber. This time the motor is used as a research journal.

The main priorities, the working body is carried in the front sector. Sleek designed front fairing, because Tomy dividing line design with an additional head lamp at home which applied from Vario. Head lamp cover impressed as a separate head with a fairing.

Additional line pull of the body, making even more attractive. So also with the contour of hacking into the delta box designed fairing, so that the front body tongkrongan increasingly dense. Bodi did not escape from the stern of the destruction of fiber, the center added to the lattice.

Continues to embrace wide body 4 cm on the right side and left hand and cutting edge 2 cm below the stern. As a result the stern was also impressed by dense, harmonious with the look of the front body. And continue the installation of a stop lamp Bajaj Pulsar as well as fiber fender custom-designed European-style moge.

Unfortunately nih minimalist legs, do the front tomorrow Casoli product replaced in pairs with the standard swing arm. "Sure, we consider the fiber product with a school bag so that the segments do not need to replace the legs of Extreme," which paired the felly Tomy evasion Rochell 215-17 and 250-17.

For handlebar steering result destruction, with triangular almu handmade from 2.5 cm billet handlebar steering and continued use of RG-R 150. Harmony foot step and supported Yoshimura exhaust Lavida. Who's next ciet device installed double with 32 cm dish PSM products paired with rear ciet Satria-R