MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio 2006

Mio is not far from a touch of femininity. Even so the ideals Doni Eko has long wanted a dress MODIF matic motor. After redeem Mio, doi immediately brought to the Studio 45th Structural modifications outlets.
After bernego both sides of pattern, color and price it chooses as a base color pink hue. "His aura of a woman but still unique," said Doni. Mio Bodi first sanded with paper pads total number in 1000 and then after a further fine epoxy painted basic colors are white Sikkens paint materials.

Furthermore, the paper mat is played didesainkannya movie cartoon character Mickey Mouse motif, Guffy and friend. "If not use the cartoons less maximal mall," Basuki said retainer Studio 45 Rock, Ngawi.

To be durable so protective Sikkens paint brush is also entrusted. Aura aseso pretentious sleeve raised front and rear points of X Speed up-side down. "The rear tire gambot orsi Mio kudesain so low rider-style swing arm kupanjang approximately four centimeters

Spek brush:
SOK DPN: X Speed, SOK BLKG: up-side down, TACKO: Type R, Kyoso, exhaust: variation, CAT: Siken, varnish: Siken, modifier CAT