MODIFIKASI Suzuki Skywave 2008

When considering property M. Suzuki Skywave Subhan Sahroni this, the first impression that emerges is complicated baseball. Although the rear wheels had retreated and there were additions in the body, but everything was still pretty sight.

"Because my principles though many are reformed but still looks fair, baseball bizarre," says Roni, calling daily.

It also makes all look fit and be placed with the correct proportion. For example, the rear wheels. With axle set back 15 cm long, a full-custom rear rim seems to fit. This rim width is 8 inches extreme enough. "It's great for the body Skywave chosen wheel width should also make it look harmonious on all sides," explained his father two children.

Di front, simply wear a wide 3.5 inches. "It is too wide, it will be trouble in handling, in addition to heavy rotation angle is also reduced so much," said Roni from Malang, East Java.

To peleknya itself is also made with reference to the design of many applied communities homage HD chopper. "So I would just wear baseball rim car, we must think about the design of the bar," added the 34-year man ini.

A rim like this, including one piece. That means between the bar and reams her lips a single entity. Many also make the two parts separately or commonly referred to as a two piece rim.

To follow the great wheel was, in parts of the body is necessary so that the addition also increased gambot. "I do not need total destruction, enough with the addition of body kits in some sectors," the story of this movie rental business owners.


in it combines the color looks too shrewd Roni. Conscious ubahannya much play in the body, so he only uses two colors, black and orange. "With colors like that, then detail the body will be obvious," he said.

For example, in the body full of curves, he uses the color orange. It made changes that made this a point that will be noted, will understand just the color of light. "Besides the color orange is also a favorite of mine," says the owner of this posture is.

For example, on the front cover or precisely on the head lamp. So also with the side of the front cover. "In addition to the front of this body we are also planting a kind of light Sein," cuapnya with thick Javanese accent. So also with the addition at the bottom of the deck or commonly known as side skirts. Overall use of fiberglass.

While the body parts that are still left berkelir black standard dark. Then in the seat also has created a kind of cap on the luggage rack is also orange in color like this. "Part of it could dismantle aka knock down pairs," he said.

Great. Body kits are glued taunya can also be overhauled.


Front rim: 3.5 x14 inches Custom
Front tire: 120/70-14 Swallow
Rear rim: Custom 8x14 inches
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Swallow
Sok back: Yoko
Tube ass: Pico
Exhaust: Yoshimura
Handlebar: Custom