Stoner to Ducati Apologize

Casey Stoner could give hope will dominate MotoGP in Qatar with the fastest performing three sessions before the race. But Stoner eventually finished and he did not apologize.

Before the race, Stoner was the first free practice to master, second and qualifications. But in the race, due to his own carelessness, penggeber Ducati fell on lap five and failed to finish.

In a race that was held at the Losail Circuit, Monday (12/4/2010) pm dawn that, Stoner, who sat on pole position but had lost their leader and then can take it anymore.

"My Motor ngadat at the start, so I'm not good enough to start the race. But I feel good and then could overtake some of the drivers," said Stoner, as quoted Ultimate Motor Cycling.

"When I was on the front, I started to find rhythm. But the front of the motor starts with problems in the long corners, so I decided to drive with more subtle and does not give much emphasis to the front tire with a full tank," he explained.

But the decision not to get too memforsir bike boomerang for Stoner. He falls in with the Ducati Desmosedici GP 10 of his and Stoner had to go home empty-handed.

"Seeing the telemetry, I is not giving enough weight to the front. So in my opinion, I should probably stick with initial style," the contrite young man from Australia.

"It's my fault and I apologize to the team because we have to look good all weekend and we came home with empty hands," Stoner continued.

Failure in Qatar, Stoner is not considered a disaster. Besides being a really neat bike show, also have a long season so his team can still improve things.

"This is not a disaster because we know we have improved motors in the part where we had difficulties, for example on the rear grip, and we are still a long journey," 2007 world champion finished it.