Disappointed in Racing Special Capirossi

Disappointed in Racing Special Capirossi

Loris Capirossi underwent a valuable special race in MotoGP Qatar. Unfortunately, the historic race ended with a comparatively disappointing results.

Racing in Qatar is a race to 300 for Capirossi. A historic record of a man who celebrated 37 years by replacing the number 65 so the motor from 300 and add color to gold in the helmet.

Capirossi who start the race from fifth position with a fairly good start. But he started keteteran and at the end of the first lap, Rizla Suzuki rider had plummeted to eighth position.

Almost throughout the race, Capirossi struggled in the fight against senior Yamaha rider Colin Edwards. When finished, Capirossi finally had to settle for ninth place finish.

"I'm slightly disappointed with the results of the race because we think we can do better than that," as quoted by remorse Capirossi Ultimate Motor Cycling.

"We have worked hard all weekend, but we were troubled by the condition because it is very different today with yesterday. Tonight was much more humid," commentator Capirex.

Capirex acknowledge that the rhythm of racing last night did not feel that he is merely trying to maintain it's position. Capirossi hoping in the next race he can perform better.

"We do not need a result like this. We must move closer to the front row, especially after all the effort that has been done to people. It's not easy, but we must continue to work well.