Honda Vario MEFRIK

Honda Vario Mefrik Modifikasi motor

As in previous reviews, Honda Vario is that is suitable for solid robahan to content. This was evident also in the Honda Vario 2007's Donny Dwi Budianto of 73 Motor Madiun. This Robahan well as evidence that the modification not only of extreme pemodif big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya as well as city-builder from other major cities. Modification of Madison Motor retainer 73 is truly exclusive, consider the use of water on wheels Suspesion can belakan at the level set in accordance with the wishes, as the loved Big Matic users in Japan. Similarly, the use of three pieces rim. According to Donny, this modification refers to the concept of the concept MEFRIK Modern and Hi-Tech, as the peer review by colleagues from MotorPlus-Online.
Aka MEFRIK Modern, aesthetic, functional, Rational, Innovation and Creative. "If ngemodif, reference should be modern. Moreover, most clients users who skubek new style, "said Donny. For this reason, his own Vario also become a mascot of this shops made as perfect as possible.

Application of water suspension with the use of air compressor, a motor body position can dina2096vario-candra4.jpgik-down. "It was a big trend matic in Japan," he continued. For this time Donny using a large compressor, 550 psi pressure.
"Need to adjust for it because of its use. We want the suspension to drive anyone could go up and down, "said the man was still single. To use a hydraulic self he used the car door, "But I enggak know what car make, which certainly large enough in diameter, about 4 centimeters," he explained. Meanwhile, to operate using the two buttons placed on the stabilizer.
Because the back of this self-serve only to rise and fall, it would require additional shock absorbers that can compress and rebound adjust. "So tomorrow again placed in the middle, but it also serves to stabilize the body," beber man in 27 years.

Biat looks neat, self-brand Gazi was also a kind of protective box made of thin plates. "In addition to covering sweeteners can also point the water suspension cables. Pairs on the button right there, "Donny cuap length.

Another thing that shows innovation is the use modifikator intelligent monosok system in the front wheel. "The results of his own creations, using the pipe and created a model system such as the Vespa," he says again. Of course, the look was noted that this custom sok fiber wrapped and given a chrome effect.

Oh yes, one more thing that makes this more modern skubek, the custom front and rear lights. In front of mica lamp used Honda Airblade. "But the inside dicustom, head lamp using projector models from car headlights. Was already dusk light LED applications, "he added.
Rear lights are 73 Motor creation again. "The shape triangle pointed upward with all-LED lights. There are brake lights and also sein, "proud of the rich man worthy ideas can be two thumbs!
Also selected business-class wheels. Selected Monoblok design. Custom but with the construction of three pieces. That is, the rim is composed of three parts. The first part of the rim or circle. Then there is the Monoblok or middle and last drum. All are united using a bolt system. Another advantage is that the middle part or monobloknya replaceable with another model or design.