Modifications fight this week from two sides apart. One of the workshop Exizt Automodified modification of Batam island against the garage modifications 2XP from Pontianak. Oto2 mediator, you wasitnya polite readers would comment! Let the more exciting is the excess of each modification results!

Jump! emailed pictures of Hudha from Batam island. Honda Tiger homemade Exizt Antok Automodified of this workshop is to make modifications gape. "Here the material hard to find accessories that match, but from there his art on the island of Batam to modify," said Antok, he was buildernya. The advantages of this Antok artificial modification of the full fiberglass body and legs are all handmade.
disc-left-rear wheel exiztKhusus make this self made of alloy Tiger standard three sections connected together. Automatic greater breadth, in addition to the single sided swingarm is also made itself from the original swing arm material is cut and added to the amplifier so as to hold the big wheels behind. Used daily haripun legs are still strong! "Next projet front fork will be constrained mono as well," said a desperate Hudha really ditarungin in Oto2.custom blog. Keturutan ya?

TOTAL Modif: USD 9 million, LAMA: 3 weeks, MODIFIKATOR: Exizt Automodified Jl. Baloi Mas Mas Asri Blok No. 9 Batam 081,270,124,323, CLUB: Bikers Tiger Batam (BTB).

Suzi kalo bro Raider has Irfandi of this has 2XP transsexual flow, it means changing the original type which was initially duck cock so real sport. "Character Raider engine sports matches so transformed, upright models with 45-degree DOHC," the light that hung modifikator on Jl. Caraway Koyoso BTN Permai comp J21, Pontianak.mesin-raider-1 of order 50% labored over, the framework behind the gas pipeline jointed 3 / 4 inch and the front handle of the machine plus a booster motor sport accent. Leads to Bodinya supermoto style. Use Revo Tiger tank with a custom rear body of fiberglass. Legs moge disposable waste. Single rear Bagin property used armya complete with NSR SP monosok. Believed to use the front brake discs dicengkram double double KALIPER PSM Tokico