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Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler
When Honda launched the Unicorn, it immediately became the 150cc favorite for people looking for practicality and Honda reliability. However there was something lacking in the Unicorn which took away the youth from purchasing it. It was style, features and some jazz. Thus the hope for a new Unicorn started long ago in 2009, but Honda only fulfilled it in 2010. So how did they do it, and how did the Unicorn become the motorcycle of the year from various leading publications?

Well for starters Honda rechristened the new Unicorn as the CB Unicorn Dazzler, and added some vital features. Digital Instrumentation, rear disc brakes and aggressive head light were one of the noticeable features of the CB Dazzler. But what Honda did, which really made the Dazzler worth the awards which it has won in 2010? They tuned the engine to respond better and faster by boosting power and torque levels slightly.

The CB Dazzler is more eager and responds quickly to the twist of the throttle. There is immediate urgency in the city where the Dazzler touches 60kmph in less than 5 seconds, which is commendable for a 150cc motorcycle. The Dazzler would go on to touch 120kmph which is usually the norm in this segment.