Ducati homecoming for #Rossi #Motogp

His day started with a visit to the legendary Ducati
factory in Borgo Panigale, where he toured the
offices, the workshops and the museum, surrounded
by those that create and build the dreams of
motorcyclists around the world. Valentino Rossi of
course received a heroes welcome, even if his time
with the company has only just started.
“This was my first real visit to Ducati – the nine time
world champion said later – it was a beautiful and
emotional experience! After many years on
Japanese bikes, where the atmosphere is very
different, this felt like a homecoming. It was a really
warm welcome!”
What has Ducati represented for you over the

“First off, Ducati was a great adversary and
competitor in these past years. It was a strange
feeling when I walked into the Ducati garages at
Valencia. Filippo Preziosi was the one who finally
convinced me to come here.”
How is your outlook at the moment?
“We have a lot to do. I’m working really hard to be in
shape, and to ride the Desmosedici I have to change
my style slightly, but there is little time left.”
Aside from you testing being interrupted by
the flu, what did you like about the
Desmosedidi, and what worries you about it?

“Missing the second day of testing was a problem,
yes. A positive point about the Desmosedici is its
considerable power, but the bike needs to be
understood. My team has come over to Ducati with
me, and they are trying to understand the bike as
If you could go back in time, would you sign for
Ducati again?

“I had already been thinking about it for several
years; this was the right time to do it, and maybe my
last chance to do it, so yes, I would do it again. For
sure this is a difficult and important moment in my
What does Italian unity mean to you (this is the
150th anniversary of the unification of Italy,

“It’s very important to me – Vale answered with a
clever smile – actually, I signed with Ducati
specifically because of the 150 year anniversary of
unification. “
Have the expectations of the fans and the
general public changed recently?

“Yes, I feel more pressure and more responsibility. I
have always raced to win, but this year there is more
weight on my shoulders, because my fans have now
been combined with the Ducati fans.”
Do you regret not making a switch to
Superbike, considering all the success that
Biaggi has had?

“I saw the races at Phillip Island, and as always I
enjoyed watching them a lot. I was really rooting for
Carlos Checa, and for Ducati, who clearly
demonstrated that they could still be strong even
without an official factory team. It’s a great series,
and I’m happy to know I can race there when I get a
little older.”
You are very superstitious, but something most
have gone wrong with your rituals last year.
What happened?

“I am superstitious, but I have been racing for a lot
of years now, and I have come to understand that
the superstitions don’t help with anything. I only do
the rituals now as a way to get focused and
concentrate, but it’s clear that they don’t work.”