Carburetors one of the most important component when we want easy to motor roads. Must be diligent, industrious cleaning the carburetor.
1. Clean the air filter / dust collector.
Remove the air filter attached to the mouth of the carburetor, remove the foam filter and clean it with cleaning fluid, then let it dry itself. Do not be cleaned by spraying them with high pressure air, because it can cause damage to the pores of the foam filter.
2. Clean the carburetor.
Open the carburetor by removing the bolts fastener, close the carburetor, choke valves / chokes, valves gasoline. Use the appropriate keys for these tools is not easy dol. Remove the carburetor components and place in a container containing a cleaning fluid, let's easy paka wrote the liquid gasoline. Remove the carburetor bowl, float and float needle, main jet, pilot jet, and others. Beware of small parts and seals / rubber protector, place it in containers that are easily seen, for later when the installation is not confused look.
If you've released all the bersihakan carburetor with a brush, then spray the holes moved at a high pressure air. Use fine sandpaper to clean the dirt on the nozzle-nozzle, mengamplasnya Not too much, because it can cause a change nozzle diameter size. Once clean, replace the nozzle-nozzle. Use a screwdriver nozzle and pengecangannya not too hard, just use two fingers on the tip of a screwdriver.
3. Set the float height.
Before you install the components of the carburetor, do not forget to set high gasoline gauge using the term slide / stigmat.
4. Raft carburetor.
Reinstall the carburetor parts that had been removed. Raft carburetor and air filter with a pair back in the engine hole. Then set kongdisi langsam motors on the machine state of life. Set spuyer winds by turning it clockwise smpai stuck, then turn back a few rounds in accordance with the standard engine or the condition of our motor engines.
Set screw setter langsam also located on the edge of carburetor body. Set in an ideal state of engine heat. Setting engine speed should not be too low or slow, this can cause the oil can not rise because it is not pumping due to low engine speed.