2011 Yamaha YZF-R6

Yamaha YZF-R6

The developement targets for the 2011 Yamaha R6 are to be the most exciting bike to ride on the track and the most fun sport bike to ride on winding roads. The engineers tweaked the mid range performance last year but don’t worry, the high rpm rush that has made the Yamaha R6 famous is ready when you are. Confidence, agility, performance and most importantly fun.
Track ready. Street smart.
The 2011 Yamaha R6 is designed to do one thing extremely well: get around a race track in minimal time. It’s about a screaming, 15,000 rpm plus fuel injected four cylinder engine in a taut chassis that lets it snap from upright to full lean instantly. Oh year: It’s a great street bike too.
The R6 is a showcase of Yamaha’s latest sport bike technologies.
From the YCC-T fly by wire throttle to the MotoGP inspired straight frame design, to Yamaha’s exclusive electronically variable intake stacks, the R6 is designed to take super sport riding to a whole new level.