The best MotoCzysz C1 990 2011

I've lost the race before the first corner, then beat in the race after the last corner. The one, the race 16 minutes fully reflect the position MotoCzysz. Never give up! I was a little apprehensive going into the race e-Power International Federation of Musicians in Laguna Seca, and not just because I personally race, not only because E1 is still in the process of early development, but because of the fans. Red Bull USGP hosts some of the motorcycle most loyal, dedicated and educated race fans in America, and attending to see the biggest competitors in the fastest motorcycles in the world. MotoCzysz was very happy to be part of this great event, but I can help I do not think that we have a "project" would be laughed off the peninsula. To my surprise everyone, and mail was the most exciting race finish of the weekend! It is clear that there is no comparing a motorcycle to motorcycle, (thankfully almost everyone understands the concept of) machinery, electronic support Cabbage faster than most expected. But there was some appreciation for the rest of the motorcycle division of the ear, and although we were "eerily quiet." In the end, the concern and support for the difference of electric scooters for motorcycles, and other riders, fans and especially what is expected, a result that left me almost more comfortable win in the race itself ... Almost.

Before the race
The E1pc MotoCzysz reliable strongly from the first test. This has allowed the team to spend more time developing and less time in re-engineering. We had only ever "tripped" the system once, causing the system to error and stop the bike, and after reviewing the firmware this has never happened again, even for Laguna, during the playoffs when the system is tripped, criticized again. We are confident it was an issue of noise on a single parameter that we do not filter, a simple problem but one we can not patch on the right track. Unlike the implementation of the "trip" the perfect bike. The main issue we have focused over the holiday weekend and the comments, and we simply do not E1 on this type of circuit. Laguna Seca on the tracks in terms of experience of motorcycle riders higher pressure loads under the G and we grew up under the fuze of the department. We made good progress, but with only two practice sessions we did not get closer to the race was held in I would have liked.

Race. Improved with the trauma, before re-building and raised the ride height we clasp in the front row in P2. The Barnes P1 and although I wanted the pole, and we stuck to our plan, and focused on the preparation of the race during the playoffs. We have put in more laps than any other team during practice and qualifying, and collect more data and worked towards the establishment of the best race possible. After qualifying we have increased the potential power of E1. We took only a very small step and we were moving to the parameters that are not tested and he wanted to be smart. I hope you continue to follow the Barnes in the first half of the race, and learn, and then try to make a break through the strategy of the second half of this period, about 50 ', and there was one in favor of p2. Spotlight on full throttle ......... Error trip ... Die ... Raise my left hand (think Contact Scott all the time) until 3 bike everywhere he went, and then I can leave my hands and began to restore order. Once been reset controller, and I can finally start to accelerate again, but you've already lost 4 seconds in the process, before each t2. I passed one rider at least going into T2 and then caught up to DeRidder, who was in P2, but I could not get it until T5 and lost the last second. Before I even completed the first lap, I was already just 5 Barnes. 2-3 lap I am fully aware of the throttle, and speed up the wisdom of the journey not the system again and although my times are dropping lost another 2 seconds to Barnes. At this point I still think we are in a race and try to stay relaxed and focused. But on lap 4, I have another major setback; Barnes and I'm having a rider for our second and cabbage Barnes clearly gets by Hannes Mike # 15 better than I do. Hold Hannes but is unable to make the pass until he graduated from the key loss last 2.5 seconds in this process. At this point, and our deficit grew to Barnes to 9.8 seconds, and the largest gap in the race. I kept telling myself, "relax, and be a technical and ... do not give up."

It was on lap 5 point turn and we matched, so Barnes fix things a little time. Lap 6, 7 and 8 and we continue to convert times faster than Barnes reduce the overall lead by another 3 seconds, and was now trailing 6.6 seconds. I can see the gap began to close on lap 6 and held close more quickly on 7 and 8 laps. I knew Barney was not slowing down ... Was his bicycle. T11 going for the last time, I closed up to 1 in second place behind Barnes. Can drive a nice, any trip ... And win be possible. As we started down on the straight line in the end you focus on the drive and Barnes and do not even see the bike until we went winding Barnes left to make his card. My speed was closing on both bikes is very high. I quickly veered right, and has achieved success in winning on the shoulder off the track.