New Kawasaki VN 900 Custom 2011

The essential design of the Vee's shaft drive limits the While the 21 inch almost dangerously skinny front rubber on the Vulcan 900 Custom leads you to wonder whether you'll be kissing the asphalt when you slide out on the next hairpin, the Vulcan 900 Classic LT is provided with an exceptionally meaty 130/90-16 front tire which instills considerable confidence when leaning the V-twin over. Underneath that pile of chromed junk you might as well have a Kubota D600 diesel for all you can see from the right side! Worse than that, if that's possible, the darn thing covers up half of the raison d'etre of the Vulcan 900 Classic LT, the wonderful V-twin jugs which are the primary impetus for these bikes being bought in the first place. It's a bulbous triangular mess with a half formed embryonic chopperish round cover bulging out of it like the Alien from John Hurt's gut.

The mufflers are way too fat and long, the saddlebags cover up the radical hardtail styled rear frame members, and the air cleaner cover is an aberration. The Vulcan 900 Classic LT is, of course, not aesthetically perfect. From the bold chrome structure on the windshield featuring the V logo to the studded leather everything and the exquisite pinstriped two tone paint job that just oozes post-war era, the Vulcan 900 Classic LT is a visual feast.  Unlike a fair amount of its competition (are you listening Honda Shadow 750?) the 2011 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT is a truly modern and technologically up to date midsized cruiser which combines essential basic model good looks with the classic Fifties tourer styling clues to end up with an exceptionally tasty and desirable package.