New The best MotoCzysz C1 990 2011

It is very easy to take for granted how wonderful and great for internal combustion engine is really, in fact, I think it is incomprehensible. MotoCzysz engine designed for C1 is one of the engines (horsepower per liter) is stronger than any ever built in America. Has a mean piston speed of 25 meters per second, a plain 56 miles per hour, a speed-driven daily habit. But the journey of the piston C1 is much shorter than your daily commute, and the piston leaves the location (home) and arrive at their destination (office) after traveling less than 2 ", yet still manages an average 56mph respectable for this entire trip. Until the piston starts and stops much faster than the family minivan. And C1 has a Redline 16000 rpm, which is higher than the average car engine, which is slightly higher than the average sportbike engine, but less than a Formula One engine. 16 000 rpm in each piston makes the ease of (home to the office) 533 times per second or 160 times in the blink of an eye. Also the piston is not a passenger on his own (part of) has on the parts of the additional average of 10 (bar, rings, pin, screws, etc.) that traveled with her and the piston drives usually in convoys with 6.4, 8, 10 in some cases up to 12 Other "passengers "This is only for the Pistons. There are 16 to 32 valves in the car, too that the average voluntary "mitigation" along with hundreds of other parts that add to the "traffic". Effectively and so, after a hundred years, we have evolved subtly machine that can be converted to reciprocating movement of the attack targeted a simple determination of the Rotary Club. What if we removed all the madness Harm / Beauty and replaced it with one part of a rotation, and the results generator torque magic, and an engine for the future more likely, of Mars from Detroit. Enter the electric motor.

One part of the ongoing one-way. 10 - D1 on the dyno. Energy storage / conversion aside, the electric motor is the simplest most efficient tool for the job, if this work is to create a rotary torque drive. The problem is, there is no electric motor is specially designed for motorcycle, let alone Superbike. Motorcycles have evolved very machines that benefit significantly when the rider is to achieve a perfect delivery of torque. This "special engine" is an important factor allows the rider to feel more in control and confidence and thus to secure more than one machine and job. Greatest strives to provide the ideal torque may come from the abundance of electronic assistants to fix problems with the internal combustion engine. At the end of the day electronic aid for the purpose of building an electric motor.

The first version MotoCzysz - D1 generates more than 10 100rwhp (rear wheel horsepower), which may not sound like much until you add 250ft/lbs of torque to the equation. Stream 2010 600cc sportbike makes 118hp (105 + - rwhp) and 48 ft / lbs of torque at the crank, and therefore the RWHP is right on target, the game changer is the torque. Torque is the force accelerative; motorcycle with more torque will accelerate a motorcycle with less torque. Directed to get the same top speed, we have the expense of Motor 10 - D1 600cc accelerate a current in the line of four. Other "motor" of benefits and 10 - D1 handover of power by converting 90% of energy to the Board in torque, and 600cc in-line four - 35%.