Honda VT1300CS & VT1300CR First Look 2011

While seats in the middle of the speedometer, CR tank mounted console as well as sporting a cushion is thinner than one. The riding position, is inclined toward the bar for a more sporty. All in all, VT1300CS is another 5.8 inches for the handle is thinner than the CR, with the help of what appears to be closely rake angle, is 4.72 inches shorter. CS front and short (15 inches) tall to back up the outer width (21 inches) has a new five-spoke sporty go. VT1300CS is, CR is the height of the neck has a very radical, such as fenders and running in no small fender mounted on the tail of the package as a legend.

The rear fender, the center has in Kutataku Kina Hiroshi tail light smack. Previously during the rest Supidometageji bar, the bar is now mounted on the tank appears to pull back to more relaxed riding position.