The New Aprilia RSV4 2011

This technology has only been seen on top level racebikes for the past few years, so to have it available on a street legal production machine this quickly is quite remarkable. The system is armed when the rider squeezes both traction control buttons on the left handlebar when at a complete stop and it features three different settings that, like the rest of the bike's systems, can be adjusted independently each other. A first for a production sportbike of any kind, the launch control system allows the rider to essentially pin the throttle and let out the clutch with haste while the engine management controls the rest with the aim of getting the best possible launch.
The RSV4 has three different APW (Aprilia Wheelie Control) and APL (Aprilia Launch Control) modes as well, while the new Special Edition machine also gets a quick shifter as standard to allow for full throttle up shifts with a simple dab of the left foot. The launch control is a first for any production sportbike.  The mode selector on the left handlebar controls the traction, wheelie and launch control features on the new Italian V-Four.