MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio 2009

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio 2009

Generally, low rider theme engine modifications typically performed with a classical style and color tend to be dark. But by Ferdy Fristyansjah even out the grip. Because of Yamaha Mio was actually appear more fresh and brought the airbrush patterned Spiderman

"If the classic style've typically seen. I'd like to skubek low rider is bright. Incidentally, I like the color blue and red are so typical of Spiderman. I'll look okay on the road, "said resident Jl. H. Batong III, West Cilandak, South Jakarta.

To realize all of that, Ferdy helped Rini and home modifications retainer Sutrisno F-16 at. HOS. Cokroaminoto, No. 16, Ciledug, Tangerang. Incidentally the place is also available variations of supporting Latin American-style motorcycle.

One character is implementation of the Z-bar handlebars custom models that plug in bracket product variations. For harmonization, the center of the handlebars equipped speedometer Yamaha Fino with the addition of ornaments two large headlights. So within that area too vacant baseball empty alias.

"Then the front foot by installation sokbreker adjustable upside down front variations. Just let me look features low rider, width and height adjust character sokbreker reset low rider bike today, "said Ferdy.

Nah gambot contrived to miss the front wheel by placing a round rubber Swallow brand 100/80-ring size 14 inches. Tires that fit aluminum rim combined with braided fingers tilted in the direction of tire rotation.

Then for the middle sector, Ferdy only rely on custom footrests which ends can be opened wider. And still on that part, seat cuted low model that is aligned with the back rest of the stirrup iron chromed.

On the back of the earrings back about 10 cm are also given proper. This time utilized by applying sepatbor tread rear tires sized 120/90-14 Swallow.

And that makes it very viscous mounts a typical low-rider, please refer to the model exhaust already installed. Discharge form was almost unanimous, aka half-circle, the most predominant form seen in the rear silencers. Sip really tuh exhaust.


Winshild: Yamaha Fino
Kick starter: zero
Spion: Variations
Footstep: Wave
Caliper: KTC
Digital speedometer: TMG