Yamaha XJ 6 Blue And Blak 2011

Having gone through some lanes and over a couple of fields I found it was great fun, had First impression was that it felt very soft and moved around on the front end a fair bit, but this could be rectified for sure, and for only a few pounds. I donned my helmet and gloves and off I went, rolling tamely down the road to get a feel of the response, handling and general road holding of the bike.

The Yamaha XJ 6 I tried had done about miles and sounded like someone had thrown small stones into the exhaust system whilst it sat on tick over. Yamaha had only recently swapped the old Yamaha XJ6 2011 none fuel injection for the Yamaha XJ6 2011 fuel injected single overhead cam - and boy how different they would be when tested side by side. Once I had got all the basics of which ones to look at, off I went with my legal credentials so that I could test drive a couple of bikes to see what they were like. Firstly when trying to decide which one I wanted to try I went and talked to a few of the people who have experienced Quad Bikes for many years. With no time wasted I set out to try some of the higher end Quad bike and see how they fared both On Road and Off road.

I had decided it was time to experience something that little bit special.