MODIFIKASI Yamaha V-Max | Tampil Lebih Modis Berkat Hermes

MODIFIKASI Yamaha V-Max | Tampil Lebih Modis Berkat Hermes

Not just car manufacturers who could hold the world of fashion, but also motorcycles, aka motorcycle.

Yamaha recently introduced its collaboration with world renowned fashion brand, Hermes. This cooperation is manifested into the V-Max.

Yamaha V-Max which has performed so stylish cool transformed by Hermes with its component parts are wrapped in leather.

Yamaha recently introduced skin dibaluti moge collaboration with fashion house Hermes, which they christened the V-MAX. Hermes, based in France is not new in the world of two-wheel vehicles and have established 180 years ago that started from a saddle horse.

Hermes task in the V-MAX is covered moge with some of the best ingredients the skin. This idea, according to Yamaha and Hermes to strengthen the lines of a unique object as emotional strength.

The part that is covered here that non-mechanical, like a tank, seat, mudguard, front light until discharge silencer and grip. Finishing Touches also performed on similar materials chrome on glass, instrument panel and the exhaust.

Work Yamaha and Hermes is not the first with V-MAX this. Previously, exactly 15 years ago they had worked on the project seprupa by Virago.

Among redesigning the cylinder head and cam timing so that the flow of power is more subtle than the Multistrada 1200. There is also a change in angle valve engine design that refers to 1198.

Reworked the innards Diavel Multistrada that grafted onto a stock that's enough to hit the V-Max? Wait a minute! Because Yamaha has a capital that is not lightly to be conquered.

If Ducati claims Diavel capable of producing 162 bhp power, then the V-max power maskimalnya can pass in 197 bhp. Whereas V-Max weight reached 310 kg while Diavel only 207 kg.

V-Max 1679 cc V4 engine wear 4-valves per cylinder and equipped with the YCC-I for the intakes and YCC-T fly-by-wire priced 300 million more.

Carbon Fiber has long changed from THE material for light weight racing applications as well as high tech anything from mountain bikes to Aircraft and spaceships. A material so strong and light That 'there is virtually no competition for it. In most applications form and looks are secondary to the function - it being super light weight.

For example, the buffalo leather-coated engine, the tank, seat, mudguard, lamp cover, exhaust silencers, and grip are all covered with high-grade leather.

"We want to combine the engine and the skin in order to fulfill the dream of every motorcycle rider," wrote the official broadcast as reported from Motorcyclenews Yamaha, Sunday (10/10/2010).

In order not to appear too "bleak" due to the effects of skin colors are dark, V-Max Hermes is also covered with chrome in some parts such as panel meters and exhaust.

There are no plans to make the Yamaha V-Max Hermes as a mass product. And this bike is only exhibited in the arena Intermot Cologne Show 2010 in Germany.