MODIFIKASI Yamaha Scorpio-Z

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Scorpio-Z
Often sail on the high seas does not mean making Miko delirious. Once reaching land one he thinks is his iron horse. Iron horse who has also overhauled as a form of love Miko.

"The bike belonged to a sailor and is built from two concepts. Suzuki GSX 600 and Ducati Street Fighter," open shop owners Tauco Custom modifications, Topo Goedel Atmodjo the contest Miko achieve their dreams.

And do not want to linger, Topo who always liked this quirky style was immediately working. Yamaha Scorpio Z body-alerts in 2008 which is owned Miko modifi immediately without mercy.

In the hands of Topo, the body of the scorpion was stripped and replaced with a new body that he made a custom of material measuring 0.8 mm galvanized plate that is has become a mainstay for a long time.

"Tank-inspired GSX 600, while the rear body section is inspired from Street Fighter Ducati which is then combined with the delta box 696 Ducati-style tubular style," he said.

With these designs, by naked eyes watered motor maroon paint with a headlamp of 2 foglamp car was immediately seen very aggressive with the groove firmly attached from the front to the stern.

Done up there? Apparently not. Hand founding fathers in the workshop number coll , South Jakarta is still just itching to mess up the iron horse is owned by the sailor.

Because in the eyes of native men Sragen, Central Java, stocky body Scorpio-Z is still felt to be inappropriate if not supported by the legs which is also muscular.

For that, a set of shock-owned Suzuki GSX 400 he immediately prepared to be fitted into the legs of the scorpion. Consequently, the look of the Scorpio-Z's Miko is also directly felt grim.

Moreover, a large enough shock is then paired with sporty rims also from the Suzuki GSX 400 that has been wrapped Battlax tires sized 120/70/17 front and 150/60/17 in the rear.

"Now, Scorpio-Z also became more in line with the spirit and the wishes of the owner who likes to style," he said.