MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 250 2000

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 250 2000

Here's the result if the two modifiers brilliant duet. Produce a work of death. Views obtained very classy and not the grade beans. Thinq Cycles (TC) and Aboben Variation (AV) as the two big names in Bali to make a Thunder 250 is a classy look

For business Destroy the framework presented in the TC. "For business order starting from the tank into the back of it all made new, to catch the view scrambler," said Thinq, skipper TC.

Of course, since its function is vital, which addres workshop on Jl. Tukad Badung, No. 98X, Denpasar uses 2-inch pipe with a thickness of 3 mm. "In this position do need a strong material, we want baseball to take the risk," said the tall man this big.

New construction is made of 5 cm lower than the initial position in the motor which also have a nickname baby this GSX. "That is to adjust to the style in virus Jap's style is also more crowded in Bali," he continued.

There is something slightly different than the motor done Thinq Jap's another. Namely the design of the tank. "If the general adoption of older Japanese motorcycle tank, I have created yourself with motor reference HD," added the man who was also a builder of this great motor. This time the fuel reservoir model that leads to a model tank sportste

Affairs finished frame and tank then this bike headed for election Aboben variations. "For that matter Ryan Aboben deh now," said Thinq again.

Received order to beautify this, Ryan was not too dizzy. "Because the concept does not it simpler, baseball needs to crowded for this flow. Above all looking fit and classy," close this straight-haired man.

In the election or variation inherent in the motor component of this, Ryan is not fixated on old-style rule should be. "For the flow of Jap's were not necessarily all of them memorable old motor, if installed modern components also legitimate right," he said.

This is evident done and done well. For example, the use of the digital speedometer and rpm. Obviously this is not very modern. "In addition to its right will also help the rider it with a clear view," added the winner of this contest subscriptions.

So is the rear lamp selection sein that uses LED technology wrapped in carbon finish. "We spread the new virus in the selection of detail in Bali," kekeh. All product sales ya bro?


Rims: TK
Tires: Shinko 120/80-17 (front), 140/90-17 (rear)
Airs next: Upside down dirtbike Sport
Handlebars: Kitaco
Speedometer: Digital SFSM
Disc brakes: Kitaco
Front calipers: 6 piston Kitaco
Filter: zero
Sein: LED Carcon
Muffler: Supertrap
TC: (0361) 7495632
Aboben: 0812-3610-110