Name Kahanan Motor (KM) can be spelled out in the realm of new modifications in Indonesia beloved. Workshops are prioritizing customizing using galvanized plate is beginning to make a breakthrough. So that made its maiden project through careful calculation and refinement detailed trim

"I want to first appear in the tabloids and direct phenomenal. This is indeed the work of our first-born from the ideas and concepts that are strong," said Lusep Sugiharto, head of KM.

"Incidentally the bike meet customer messy due to a fatal accident while touring. Offered Ducati concept like this, the direct owner nodding in agreement," added the man from Cirebon, West Java.

The owners have a complete name of AA. Dikin Bagansiapiapi origin, Riau province. In the process of manufacture and assembly, previously Lusep grateful to have the image design of this model directly from the Ducati site. "In the picture it is clear comparison of the size of each section. Well, that's the picture that I follow in making the body," added the father of this child.

Due to the size guide gets directly from the manufacturer, then just follow the KM. "Certainly no part of which look so strange or less proportionately. All confirmed fit and nice views," Lusep warranty.

Please compare between the shape and size of the tank with a tail. The second part of this body who dominate the sector still look in sync. Starting from the pull lines and curves as well as size. Though often less observant modifier makes the second part of this so it looks unbalanced.

But of course that does not mean the work to be lightly. "If you want to follow the appearance of motor manufacturers, it also must be equipped with all the details," added the man from his headquarters on Jl. Jagakarsa Raya, No. 51, South Jakarta.

Here's biggest challenge in making a full plate body modification. "For such a small part that requires foresight and appropriate level of precision," added Lusep again.

Consider also the engine cover at the bottom. Looks serious attention, not random. "You could say this new model and with tilled with a high difficulty level," he cuap glasses this.

With qualified skills, the light of Honda Supra X 125 successfully made the shell with a unique design. Vario Plus mirror attachment.

For business lights deserved thumbs up. "We try to innovate by creating a standard lamp from the motor, so we depend baseball with product variations," proud of this skinny guy.

Motor is also qualified to take the road away. "We already take into account triangles driving comfort by replacing the original sub-frame using pipe 3 / 4 inches," said Lusep again.

Proof of this vehicle immediately performed Dikin. After the shooting would be immediately taken back to Sumatra. "I took the land route. The journey will take 2 days 2 nights," Dikin steady.

Titi dj, Bro!


Front tire: Battlax 120/60-17
Rear tire: Battlax 160/60-17
Rims: Suzuki GSX400
Swing arm: Suzuki GSX400
Handlebars: Renthal
KM: 0813-1840-6070