MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 1997

MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 1997

Siswo Winoto, builder Win's Paddock (WP), Purwokerto, Central Java again come up with creative development of WJS. The force was tipped at the European streetfighter try packed with exotic nuances of blink-blink. Processed creativity presented at the Honda Tiger has Great Wicaksono. "Try to pack with style ala nigger," explained wiwin, close calls Siswo Winoto

In accordance with the theme of blink-blink, color choice would be decisive. Wiwin impression pursue claims more elegant and photogenic, not just pleasing to the eye. Not too quickly just frightening that so typical streetfighter. "Hence, deliberately highlighting sharp color, yes it is rich orange. Paired with white to make the motor look rehearsal and beautiful, "modifier that hung open at Jl. Sunan Ampel No. 9, Pabuaran, this Purwokerto

Remarkably, this charming curtain capital only ordinary paint. Want a good impression must fend off a lot of capital. "I just wear the Orange and polired Lesonal Sikkens. Use cheap paint but if modifi fitting outcome would be good, "proud builder who assisted Indra crew mainstay WP.

Capital cool color combination was combined with the chrome, let cool. Kan theme blink-blink. So must cool right? For this section Wiwin collaboration with Yudha Croom Navan who are Jago chrome.

In addition to color selection, placement flair Wiwin appear on color composition. For example in black and white graphics on the shroud or wing tank. In addition to its body is basically a dynamic rectangle, but the color blends so smart Wiwin body more prominent texture. This is indeed one of the mainstay Wiwin. Consider the contour tuh rear tail that has fantastic curves. These look similar color graphics eksoStoptis shroud.

For the body, which gape modifier is actually not complicated karate alone. In fact, arguably just me retuoching aja. Because the entire body of work on DJ Agus familiar with the flag XK Bike Design Navan. Doi not Begawan WJS. Similarly, the legs, Nurfil all done Agus DJ Disc Jockey is not clear. But that does not mean easy for Wiwin, because Wiwin alter every body began to re-seat the tank to the rear tail. This should be considered difficultby a guy who still likes this single.


As an owner, Great Wicaksono not only know something wrong. But he also participated in the selection SAID who tilled the same body shape XK Bike Design and hand finishing by WP.

"More color is my idea, because like orange. But I also sometimes go to help or just check what components are lacking. So everything fit and I am satisfied "said General, who is also the owner of Speed Tengiel workshop on Jl. Gunung Tugel No. 13, Purwokerto.

Includes application of hydraulic clutch own masterpiece. "Komponenya using the master brake motor brake hose and then connected the way it works like a regular clutch. However, more powerful and refined, "Great promotion.

Why, why even selling?


Front tire: 110/70-17 Swallow
Rear tire: 160/70-17 Swallow
Airs next: Suzuki GSX400
Sok back: Aprilia
Headlights: Custom
Taillights: Honda Revo
Handlebars: Renthal
Swing-arm: Aprilia
Muffler: Custom
WP: 0815-4888-6755