MODIFIKASI Honda Mega Pro '08 Klaten | FUNKY HULK

MODIFIKASI Honda Mega Pro '08 Klaten | FUNKY HULK

Sport funky one space for action Member space modif Susan Adhitya this with his Honda Mega Pro. Although not play monosock hind legs and even transfer body, a boy born in Klaten modif step, May 29, 1992 is worth a separate appreciated.

Especially when your vacation is a trick with a stylish front legs upside down. "It's because I'm looking forward sokbeker hard upside down in the market variations," explained doi. Because the case was kreatifi tube doi sokbeker variations which then turned upside down for the impression emerged.

This step is inevitably forced to build a new caliper mounting bracket on the front sokbeker variation of this custom. Application immediately afterwards doi double front discs variation as harmonization efforts in the sector front foot.

Moving into the hind legs, swingarm orsi altered for rear axle can be moved one step forward when compared to the standard. Ride It ciamik Sokbeker enough to play with additional rear disc obtained from the former front disc orsi.

Satria FU headlamp-like property, but in this section headlamp doi adoption of the New Supra 125. After the whitewash majority of metal parts with chrome, in the middle of a little cover decorated by fiber minimalist motif hand punch cartoon character Hulk result doi imagination.

"This is to align illustrations and spakbor Hulk in front of the tank," doi pretext. Closing action modif black basecoat chosen as the base of the Minimalist monochrome graphic brush strokes of paint and clear silver Sikken. | K-DNR

Spec modif
SOKBEKER DPN: Upside Down Variations, discs DPN: Variations, swingarm: Custom, SOKBEKER BLK: Ride It, headlamp: Supra 125, HANDLE: Ride It, STEERING DUMP: Ride It, CAT / CLEAR: Sikken, modifier: Starting From Zero Modify , Klaten