MODIFIKASI Honda Karisma 2007

MODIFIKASI Honda Karisma 2007

Designing low rider mounts can not half-hearted. Especially if contrived style or significant levels of motor short look also mulor backwards. Unfortunately, even so the durability of not qualified. Handling is also less okay. Want ..?

The principle is so obviously not used Hadian aka Ian, owner of the garage Plaza Motor (PM) when dispensing Karisma's low rider Dawn Sulitian. Although it looks so cihuy baseball, but the construction of low-rider who applied citizens Jl. Lamandau, Depok In this still may bejaban

"The problem is Dawn also likes touring in addition to the daily slang. If you make a low rider-style content, will get complaints. Mending designed as mature as possible, "said Ian who open outlets in Jl. Sentosa Raya, No. 10, Depok II.

And the key lies in the application of arm swing stalk own plots. Said former mechanic school students HMTC Depok, these devices are deliberately contrived rather than disconnected new swing-arm iron in the original. The risk is much more big, cuy!

"When a broken or bent in the middle of the road due to not bear the burden, would make trouble. Because all the components that are changed are related to each other. Now, if the original residence change, "he said.

Therefore better Ian admitted concocting a new swing arm rather than disconnected. Because by making the dimensions of about 70 cm longer than the original parts that only about 40 cm, certainly much more perfect strength.

Besides lengthening the swing arm with a way to make new, Ian also thinking about the position of the rear sokbreker pairs. Because pullback position rear axle, automatic back tomorrow to make the handle must also be shifted. Certainly not for the support damping loads at one point.

"Because mulor too long, that fit two pairs of tomorrow. Lower pedestal in front of the rear axle, shock absorbers for a position not too collapsed, "confident.


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Handlebars: Handmade
Rear disc: Variation 31 mm
Sepatbor back: Variations
Headlamp: Variations Bike
Spion: Variations