MODIFIKASI Ferrari Bikin Motor Tiga Roda

MODIFIKASI Ferrari Bikin Motor Tiga Roda

Ferrari also make a good motorcycle tricycle. Eeiit ... wait a minute. Vehicle you see is not made from the Prancing Horse's headquarters, but the creativity of a man from Yokohama, Japan, which has transformed into a Ferrari Suzuki Hayabusa Trike.

He did not mention the name of the modifier, but his work was to answer this question for a convicted person if moge Suzuki is not good if modified. In fact, Ferrari would not want to appreciate the creativity that is similar to Ferrari's racing cars.

The resemblance is not just from Rosso Corsa paint color. Notice that given sepatbor front wing. So is the back. Then, snout F1 applied to the front lights that are attached to the shield.

Three-wheeled vehicle has not been tested so it can not be explained details about power, maximum speed, and acceleration 0-100 km / hour. Including changes to the engine and the legs.

Ferrari Party saw this gives appreciation and have spoken with modifikator, okay. It's just a matter of mass production is not given the green light from the headquarters in Italy, let alone sell it. However, Ferrari was already mejeng Trike at the Tokyo Motor Show last year.