BMW Motorcycle Super Green, Super Dangerous, Super Bike

So you’d like to have a tiny motorcycle. So you’d like to have a fast motorcycle. So you’d like to have a safe motorcycle. I am sorry you cannot have all three! What you’ve got here is a very fast, very dangerous vehicle. It’s called the Halbo, and it’s got a BMW stamp on it. It’s tiny and it’s got a front wheel motor combined with a sphere form rear wheel.
The target user for this vehicle is a “vibrant eco-minded young individual.” Speed on! It’s half the size of the “regular high end motorcycle,” and it’s full name is Halb Organismus.
Wild enough?
Also it’s electric powered. The front wheel is stationary, while the back… tail… turns left to right. It’s like flying an X-Wing! Or… like a motorboat! Or… anything with a stationary front end!