Yamaha FZ 1 2010

Tighten the engine mount bolt to the factory specifications - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Install the other slider using the new bolt, nut and washers (supplied in this kit) with one washer under the bolt head.

same place as the other side). Remove the right side engine mount bolt. Tighten the engine mount bolt to the supplied locknut - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

Install the longer slider using the new bolt and washer with one washer under the bolt head.Remove the left-side engine mount bolt as seen in the left picture.

Instructions:It is highly recommended that you refer to your service manual before performing this installation. These frame sliders are designed to fit specific engine mounts of your 2004-5 Yamaha FZ1. Please read all instructions before beginning work!

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This frame slider kit has been designed to offer unsurpassed protection to your 2004-5 Yamaha FZ1000 in the unfortunate event of a lowside or tip over.