Suzuki GSX-R 750 2010

Crate engines are not something that a person will pick up at the local Wal-Mart or even GM Good wrench. Needless to say, classic car rebuilding is not a hobby that is taken up on the cheap. The fact that some classic cars can sell for upwards of 6 figures puts the price in some context. They start out at the $4500 range and go upwards from there. 

Still, replacements are not cheap an engine made of aluminum rather than the original iron can be a lot less heavy and will cost less than what an authentic model would run. Usually one built with different materials than the original. As many of the manufacturers of these cars have gone out of business or no longer make them regularly, oftentimes smaller boutique firms 

have stepped in and make the replacement engines. Crate engines can also be used to make an older car more fuel efficient and drivable on a day-to-day basis.

They are commonly used to replace the engine in classic cars that are still being driven and kept up by car enthusiasts. These engines are sold as standalone units sold without the car. These are known as known as a crate engine. But fortunately, these engines are reproduced by companies. Even more unfortunately, the models of engines eventually fall from favor.

Unfortunately, the parts on these cars fall into disrepair. They still attract a following of automobile aficionados and enthusiasts who love these sorts of cars.  Muscle cars hearken back to a simpler time when automobiles were big and bad.