SPESIFIKASI CanAM Spyder Roadster Terbaru | Motor Roda Tiga

SPESIFIKASI CanAM Spyder Roadster Terbaru | Motor Roda Tiga
Manufacturers of Canada, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) will launch the latest versions of all three-wheeled motor sophisticated, CanAM Spyder Roadster.

There are two variants of this latest CAnAM. RT Limited First New Spyder roadster, with the addition of new features like GPS, semi-rigid travel bags, travel covers, and garnish striking White Pearl paint.

While its top variants, S-RS Spyder sports roadster comes with two-tone color Orange and Pure Magnesium Alloy wheels, equipped with six pelk alloy bars, aluminum fenders and carbon black.

Other changes made to the 2011 lineup includes new calibration for the front shocks, revised and windshield deflector, while the RS Spyder roadsters hood can now be opened only with one hand.

BRP innovations do not just polish with a new color and menamabhi mutkahir features only. Manufacturers are also making improvements front shock absorbers, deflector, and the wind shield 998 cc motorcycle engine that was on sale in November. Front shock absorbers were recalibrated.

"So, when you drive a Spyder model of anything, that's when you'll experience a pleasure. The design is very popular with lovers (Can_Am) around the world, "said Chris Dawson, Vice President & General Manager, BRP International Division, as reported by autoevolution.com, Sunday (5 / 9).

The third variant is, Can-Am Spyder RT Limited, Spyder RS-S and RT-S. Spyder variant RT Limited mengadposi touring style and equipped devices Global Positioning System (GPS), travel bags, and travel cover. This variant dibalur a shiny pearl white color.

RS-S variants are produced in two new colors, Orange and Pure Magnesium Alloy. A new marker of this variant is the view from the rim alloy spakboard six bars with polished black.

Some components made from aluminum coated with black carbon material. This variant is also equipped with GPS navigation devices Garmin Zumo 660 mounted on the handlebar.

The RT-S Spyder variant newer generation, now brings several new features such as premium audio system and air suspension device that can be arranged according to the wishes and needs when motorcycle rider drove.

Last two variants is a variant of the highest in the ranks of Can-Am Spyder. Only, until now BRP have not provided detailed information on happenings price brand-new generation of three-wheel motor made it.

First to Spyder RT Limited, offered by ultra-luxurious touring concept that uses a GPS device, semi-rigid travel bag, travel cover, and the Pearl White color is striking.

The next model that is Spyder RS-S which is the top of the line of Can-Am. Motorcycle with its own characteristics is using the color scheme Orange and Pure Magnesium alloy. There are also 6-spoke alloy rims and fenders that use aluminum carbon material.

Models namely Can-Am Spyder RT-S. This type uses audio package and rear suspension system is adjustable on the fly and Garmin Zumo 660 GPS. Not to forget all four semi-rigid custom fit travel bag and travel cover.

"When you drive a Spyder model of anything, you will feel the pleasure. The design creates a lot of fans around the world," said Vice President and General Manager, International Division, Chris Dawson, as reported by Autoevolution, Sunday (09/05/2010)

All these new models will go to the dealership, dealership in November 2010, with exclusive bonus Kavalier jacket that offers a combination of body temperature regulation Sympatex