Repair Diemaz Motor (DM) in Karawaci Tangerang insist want to show that the flow of low rider is still there. "Many say that in 2010 low rider would be dead. But I do not believe it. The evidence is still attractive and why still so much to us though," said the skipper Diemaz grants workshop.

Please see Mio Sporty Soul, which was given clothes. Diemaz try to optimize the changes that are made. "Try something new by making a difference in size between the front and rear rim," said the father of two children.

The difference is on the front wheels using the rear circumference of 13 inches was 14 inches as commonly skubek. Both are custom rims of the car.

"I deliberately made small in size so that the front is more flat," added resident Jl. Steel Raya No. 89, Housing II, Karawaci, Tangerang this.

There are many who seek a way forward with the lower body customed sokbreker. "But I do not want to do it because it could damage the driving comfort. Often the result is pretentious lho be hard," he added

For the width of the palm of the wheel, it is enough to make a solid impression in front. In this section, 13-inch rims were made with 5 inches wide. "Enough of this width to the front and to give full effect in this section," the story of this communication scholars.

This expectation is consistent with a replacement body from Mio Sporty to the Soul that was memorable more fat. In fact, so that the image that had been chased by the addition of increasingly manifested in the faceplate installation Visor. "That got Ninja 250R. know fit standard body shapes Soul like this," added the short-haired man.

Add a sip again with a custom-made sepatbor applications. "With this successful point that this style is still not dead yet kok in 2010. If you die why, can not reek kitchen," he said honestly.

Diemaz apparently quite concerned with global issues that center was occupied for discussion. He used to make the theme Go Green in Vario. form for Mio theme was then taken of Global Warming. "To indeed be a motive airbrush ideas from anywhere, consider environmental issues," he said pede.

For the workmanship of paint, doi secretly paints have a reliable expert. So no need to throw into another garage. While the paint is worn using Gloss Silver brand with the type of orange candy.

"It's a brand that has not been too well known. But if the results proved to be good. Incidentally also support for the workshop MODIF manufacturer like us," added Diemaz.

Color orange color was also chosen for the seat. Let not have collision so select a matching color. Model stitching is also made to the shape of the boxes so that the impression of luxury.


Front rim: Custom 5 x 13 inches
Tire front: 130/60-13 Tire Deli
Rear rim: Custom 7 x 14 inches
Rear tire: 150/60-14 Tire Deli
Handlebar: Custom
Switch panel: New Vega R
Cat: Silver Gloss
DM: 0856-1400-800