Expertise risen from Deresan Krisdianto Thole, Yogyakarta is believed to zone in concocting gacoan Java engine used a special replica of adventure. Iwan Jaya Abadi kinds of Bojonegoro who oust Thole as executor.

Functional selection of the parts is more a priority to deal with extreme terrain. In the foot-leg is also non-negotiable for Thole. Kinds of use of quasi-complete with a triangle above the front bottom that applied from the YZ-85, dimensions 1.4 meters profitable for adventure.

Medium rear swing arm taken over from Kaze R. "But the indirect tide, the bridge was cut and connected with a profile similar 4 cm, to fit 215-16 and held the rim 90/100-16 Kenda tires," says Thole.

In addition to dilated, a point below the double bracket is made more advanced quasi 3 cm from the default. The assumption made bracket on the double quasi-forward, to find the point of double-strength sub-frame supporting a quasi-picked from 32 cm Double Action KYB it.

"So the position of quasi who relented until the fall, to maintain the strength of the framework," sure Thole who consider this part fracture-prone. Affairs of the use of the body selected from the YZ-85 and seting proportionately.

Regenerated tank holder, through the addition of a rectangular profile skeleton. Medium body sub-frame supporting the stern, made double knock down system model, relies on the swing arm pivot and additional skeleton supporting the tank. Section under the above machines are also increasingly dense, after buyed exhaust silincer shrimp model-Pang YY.

Sector wicketed front wheel rim profile and bandaged Kenda 80/90-19 185-19, centralized on YZ-85 drum Complete with front discs and calipers rear him. To master upgrade, use the KLX-150 front and rear Nissin congenital taken over from Knight-R. | Pid

Spec modif
Airs next: YZ-85, Sok back: KYB Double Action, Arm swing: Kaze, Master front: KLX-150, rear Master: Knight-R, Silincer: YY-Pang, Wheels: 185-19 & 215-16, Tires : Kenda 80/90-19 & 90/100-16, Tromol: YZ-85, Bodi set: YZ-85