MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger Revo 2008

MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger Revo 2008

Fever Jap's Style make very interested even amazed Achmad Handry Yosef that every day hurried Honda Tiger Revo output 2008. But, Chemonk, close calls Achmad Handry Joseph averse Jap's Style pure trace. Doi prefer the British style.

"The concept is still retro, but her make her seem cc motorcycles and classics major," said Chemonk who is also a member of Honda Tiger Mailing List (HTML), Jakarta

Hang on, Bro. British style alias era style modification BSA or Triumph the 1970s. Surely the simple and compact design. Line-paced minimalist design brief alias. One of the prestige of the British-style modification is a cafe racer style.

"Process drive own. If stuck at least seek advice from friends in the community, "said the native Betawi Chemonk from Palmerah, West Jakarta.

When viewed hang out now, Tiger style Chemonk have already shifted. Tiger who was born with the concept of a sports cruiser unloaded from the tank to the rear. "Sorry ya, the solution is not perfect. Surely there's more changes, but baseball knows when, "said 29-year single.

The most obvious changes Tiger tanks which have replaced high bloated and have a Yamaha RS. Yamaha RS known in the era of the 1970s. Yamaha RS Models tank is much more simple than Tiger. RS tank motor makes baseball look muscular.

The top of a container of gasoline RS was parallel to the riser handlebars. Continue, the right-left side is very slim. The installation also still rely on the original tank bracket holes have Tiger. So, if want to replace the original tank Tiger baseball a lot of extra work. "But, see, baseball lost his harmony with the machine. Dapu permanent pacemaker fitted look combined hospital tank, "said civil servant whose job Chemonk, Central Jakarta.

The tank is simple and low-united with sexy buttocks using tire tread 160. That is, the stern look of extreme than the front. "British style was not, did that refer to the back? Anyway retro, "which is drill Chemonk cerocos Honda CB400.

Tire tread width is not easy work. The solution, gear carrying aka front gear modifications so that the chain can be shifted slightly to the left. Eiiit, gear carrying baseball Chemonk applied. "Make new as directly connects to the gear box," sure Chemonk.


Front tire: Battlax 110/60-18
Rear tire: Battlax 160/60-18
Front rim: 3.00 x 18 Champ
Rear rim: Champ: 4.00 x 18
Airs next: Aprilia RS250