MODIFIKASI Honda C-70 1979

MODIFIKASI Honda C-70 1979

Got any old motorcycle, but if the condition has original baseball do need patience. But, if you are frustrated hunt-pare parts, preferably immediately modified total. Yes, as practiced by Sosa Ramadan, because baseball would busy complement doi wearing motorcycle parts shortcuts.

"Can Honda C-70 but the condition is a complete baseball, so all the modified total. Impersonate outdate motorcycles like the Indian Chief," said the man who lives in Ciputat, Tangerang.

A result that is used only comstir and machine parts. "The whole frame and body finish new contrived.'s Just wheels and tires that wear congenital motor aja," said Wardoyo from the garage modifications in Ambara G2C, Cinere, Depok.

Design the framework of old motor output of the model adopted in the 1930s. Can be seen from the rear chassis that integrates with your arms swinging. made rigid models such as motor types BSA old," continued Wardoyo again.

It took about a ½-inch lengths of pipe size for frame-making needs. Then to form the pipe is cut off used rollers. Because the old motor modeled their order form is not a lot of bending.

Overview of the framework that binds the kitchen is compact Honda C-70 is kind of bike. Moreover, applications that use single seat sitter. Models who ogled like a coaster Harley-Davidson buttocks (HD) WLC, just a smaller dimension. To reduce wave road with only two pieces per underneath.

Model change pledge tank so this bike. Because want to be like the Indian chief made a similar consequence tank model. "Baseball is too large dimensions, adjust with cardboard frame that is small," continued War, greeting familiar Wardoyo.

Turn to self-selection front, Sosa see would be more comfortable and unwilling to use cangkrang model. He chooses front suspension with the application of modern-owned Honda GL Pro complete with a triangle. "Not a bad part of the front wheel can still be muted using GL-Pro ass soft," said the former broadcaster's Radio's Ben.

Same with the braking system. Baseball would be a disposable outdate drum system. To ciet front and rear wheel disc brake rely wholly or discs.

Let more and more seen as a classic made the wheels modified. Simply play with pairs of fingers that amount more. "The model is built like a fan," said Wardoyo.

Staying selection screen, finally agreed to wear black and doff the body and sprayed into the motor frame. Let the details looks like the old motors front and rear sections sepatbor given list, then the tank is drawn the head of the Indians.

"Let more simple striping material and images we choose to use cutting sticker," lid stocky builder who was new this time around MODIF spend outdate concept like this.


Handlebar: Co-
Seat: Model Bike
Lighting: Variations
G2C: (021) 4642-77-23