Perhaps you are slightly confused to see this motor modifications. What are the flow? If Dilirik distance from the front of five meters, the identity of a motor is clear. Living machines that can characterize the type of motor and, if viewed from itupun close.

I do so, the base motor is R120 2002 Suzuki Satria property Amos Saragih Leonardo's home modification Amos Leonardo Disign Yogyakarta. He gave his work the theme of futuristic motor or the future.

"I deliberately presenting different concepts. Kemudinya use the system to move the work gear is driven dengnan shuttle, and then forwarded the cable car as the clutch front wheel drive," says Amos.

Such curve would, if left handlebar right that is revealed, the small gear wheel mounted on the base of the bar will rotate and encourage large overdrive. Due to get the encouragement, the large gear wheel rotates the opposite direction dengnan overdrive booster (left bar). Spontaneously will give impetus behind the gear shift on a small base in the right handlebar.

This concept, according to Amos will be enhanced because the lack of bannyak. As the bar is considered material was less than large and less wide. Rotation at the gear shift is also still not soft.

"Initially constrained model handlebar mount Batman. Mepet Because of the time (to participate in the contest modif Suzuki), become a kayak gini," his firm.

In addition to body, the framework also changes with the pipe berdiameter 1 inch. Including foot-foot front and rear.

While the swing arm system, a single model mengaplikasi and back ala ori-arm. Desiannya good form and is the work of their own. Only, the form of a tank and a large body and thick, with a neat model Suspensi front.