Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade 2010

Whatever model Honda you own, be it a Cruiser, Sportsbike, Adventure, The Silver Wing is a scooter, albeit a model designed for both long distance cruising and commuting in the city, while the Goldwing is a heavyweight machine built for comfort and long distance travel. Likewise, a FJS600 ABS Silver Wing owner is going to have different insurance needs than a GL1800 Goldwing owner. Both are impressive machines, but chances are the insurance needs of a Fireblade owner are going to differ from those of a CB1300 owner. The former is a sports bike, built for speed and sharp handling, whereas a traditional bike like the CB1300F is built for style, practicality and power.

Consider Honda motorcycles for instance - a CBR1000RR Fireblade is in a completely different class from a CB1300F ABS. Motorcycles are diverse in style, power and uses, and it is a mistake to assume you have to settle for insurance that does not take this diversity into account. Finding and obtaining insurance that is adequate for you and your bike is not as simple as opting for the first generic motorcycle insurance policy you come across. It would be catastrophic enough if you or your bike were harmed in an accident, or if your bike was damaged in a fire or was stolen, and without adequate insurance the catastrophic situation would only become worse.

If you own or are considering buying a motorcycle, one of your first priorities before you take your bike out for a ride should be to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage.