Ducati Monster S4R 2010

Using a rubber mallet, very gently drive the factory bolt out.From the right side, install the shorter slider into the frame and insert the threaded rod through the slider till it meets the factory engine bolt.Grip the supplied threaded rod firmly in the middle with a vise or pliers, insert a stainless steel washer and install the supplied locknut until about 6-8 threads are exposed. You may have to secure the left side with a socket wrench to do this.Loosen and remove the nut on the right side(right while sitting on bike).

Remove the rubber bungs that cover the left and right mounting points as seen in the above picture. If you are unsure about the tightening torque, check your motorcycle's manual or www.motovationusa.com/torque.html for a quick reference guide Make sure the bike is on a stand and vertical, and make sure that the engine is supported from below by blocks. It is highly recommended that you refer to your service manual before performing this installation. These frame sliders are designed to fit specific engine mounts of your bike. Please read all instructions before beginning work!

They are tough but not brittle and can also absorb a huge impact. Each and every model is tested for drop and slide protection. Motovation frame protection slider kits are designed and manufactured by a company that only makes frame sliders.  These frame sliders have been designed to offer unsurpassed protection for the S2R, S4R, 600/620/900/1000, Multistrada in the unfortunate event of a lowside or tip over.