Aprilia RS 125 Occasion 2010

You'll also have to alert The increases you do get will be quite small and you are looking at £400 on parts alone. These aren't without their own problems though. As far as performance mods go, you'll get the biggest bang for your buck with a big bore kit.

100mph might not be a lot to play with but if you can maintain a high speed through the twisty back roads then it suddenly becomes a lot more impressive. The Aprilia RS 125 can out handle a lot of bikes and you should remember that before you go about trying to increase its top speed. Once the bike has been de-restricted, there isn't really a lot you can do to increase your top speed and anything you do will come at a cost. This is only legal if you have passed your test though and you have to inform your insurance company if you want to stay legal.

A restricted bike gets around 70mph and de-restricted you'll be looking at about 100mph. De-restricting your bike is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to increase your top speed. In addition to the bike's power output, the rider's weight is a big factor and your choice of sprockets and performance modifications will also have a part to play in your top speed. Whether or not your bike has been de-restricted is going to make the biggest difference as a de-restricted bike gets more than twice the power of the learner-legal model.  The Aprilia RS 125 max speed depends on a few things.