SPESIFIKASI Honda VFR 1200F | Datang Di India

SPESIFIKASI Honda VFR 1200F | Datang Di India

Honda motorcycles in India to make a buzz by marketing the VFR motor gede 1200F newly introduced in Japan late in 2009. VFR 1200F go on sale this month at a price of Rp 337 million.

"VFR 1200F is a combination of touring and sport for upper-class consumers in India who actively follow the developments outside," said Shinji Aoyama, President & CEO of Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt Ltd, in a release.

According to Aoyama, big motorcycles are manufactured at Honda's most advanced factory in Kumamoto, Japan. 1200F VFR is a bike trip with the concept of customer needs. This motor also adopt the technology state-of-the-art.

According to Honda, the design team is creating an exciting touring motorcycle and have the ability to roam far enough. This VFR V4 capacity of 1237 cc liquid-cooled and equipped with fuel injection system.

Attendance VFR 800 VFR 1200F replace the legendary and also Honda CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird in India. He was once listed as the first Honda motorcycle that uses dual technology Clucths transmission (DCT).

System-by-wire throttle which makes the VFR unique incredible responsive and have a smooth acceleration at all engine speed ranges.

No wonder if this moge prices can be more expensive than the Honda All New Jazz.