MODIFIKASI Yamaha R1 SP/R Factory Edition.

MODIFIKASI Yamaha R1 SP/R Factory Edition.

Secretly motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha R1 Yamaha launch a special edition in Europe precisely in France. There will be two models of Yamaha R1 Yamaha R1 SP and SP / R Factory Edition.

Both motors are made to respect the French team was quoted as saying Autoevolution Endurance, Friday (27/08/2010). Yamaha R1 until further enhance the sporty appearance.

Yamaha focuses on the concept of striping changes. No changes whatsoever to the contours of the body's special edition Yamaha R1, chassis concept similar for Yamaha R1 before.

In addition to striping a different concept, changes also occurred at the sitting style Yamaha R1. Who was able to seat two passengers are now made just for one passenger, according to the concept of racing. While the delta box to the feet match the original.

For Yamaha upholstery material using anti Polytron anti slump. Plus breket (grip) on the back. Yamaha R1 SP Priced 16.999 euros, or about USD 193 million and the current version and the Yamaha R1 SP / R valued USD 227 million.

RI adopts Yamaha engine with a capacity of 1000 cc inline four cylinder. Motor sports are using drive by wire so that the intake gas can be better controlled. Atomizer system is equipped with injection systems.

Yamaha Europe will also produce signature Yamaha R1 with Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi in the gas tank. Unfortunately all the that could only be obtained in France.