Wow! Yamaha authorized dealer selling motor modifications. Could be reprimanded PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) as ATPM Yamaha. Then, how about the warranty. Would still be claimed

Look at his dealership in Kintamani Yamaha Motor on Jl. Tuban, No.88 Weather, which make appear like Yamaha Mio Sporty Fino. "Of course for sale. But, not sold, but purely promotional merchandise. Just to show that it was delicious and easy Mio modifed," surely Charles Son, chairman of Kintamani Motor.

Easy indeed be the key to be able to make an appearance Mio Fino so stylish like this. "Understandably, only a few bracket or holder to adjust the body," explained Charles.

Let me look more different, friendly man was also deliberately chose a color that is not the market. "The most that I encountered was a creamy body Fino. Well, I wore a light blue color is due to be funnier and baseball market," he added.

Also so for wheels. A funny body shape was deemed fit if you use wheels with 12 inch circumference. "As a result prospective buyers become increasingly tempted to immediately membo yong Mio. There was a positive effect," please Charles.

Yeah, too!


Rim: Daiichi
Tires: Tire Deli 90/9012
Sok back: Posh
Exhaust: Daytona
Bodi set: Yamaha Fino
Kintamani Motor: (0361) 8563899